7 Awesome Benefits Of Black Pepper Essential Oil

The aroma of black pepper essential oil is reminiscent of freshly-ground peppercorns. It is a bit more complex with hints of green and perhaps a bit of floral. Black pepper oil has one major advantage – it doesn’t irritate your eyes or make you sneeze as ground peppercorns can. Best known for its ability to spice up meals and enhance the taste of foods, black pepper essential oil is a multi-purpose oil that has a variety of uses and benefits. The sharp flavor of black pepper makes it an ideal addition to meats, soups, and entrees.

However, because of black pepper’s powerful chemical components, this essential oil is much more than just a handy spice in the kitchen. First, we’ll discuss how black pepper oil increases the frequency of urination and provides protection from free radicals. Next, we will talk about eliminating excess gas, reducing cigarette cravings, and improving digestion. Then, we will teach you about relieving arthritis pain and wrap things up with how black pepper is an effective appetite stimulant.

1Increased Urination Frequency

Black pepper oil, when ingested, increases sweating and urination. Both of these properties play an important role in the removal of toxins from the body. It does this by clearing the pores on the skin and disinfecting the body.

Sweating and urinating help eliminate extra water and fat from the body. It helps reduce weight, lowers blood pressure, and makes the body very relaxed. These properties are also helpful for reducing inflammation.

2Protection From Free Radicals

This is yet another beneficial property of black pepper oil. It protects the body from damage done by oxidants (free radicals). It also helps repair those damages that have already been done.

It also delays the adverse effects of aging. This includes vision loss, macular degeneration, wrinkling of the skin, degeneration, and loosening of the muscles. It also works well for the loss of mobility in the joints, nervous disorders, and memory loss.

3Elimination Of Excess Gas

Black pepper essential oil is carminative. It helps remove gases and prohibits additional gas formation in the stomach and the intestines. It also helps inhibit bacteria that are responsible for the formation of gas.

Gastric problems are commonly found conditions in almost every individual. It may include a few elements like abdominal bloating, belching, flatulence, and intestinal gas. It may be embarrassing sometimes as well. One can experience this problem several times even on the same day.

4Reduced Cigarette Cravings

Black pepper oil may help reduce cravings for cigarettes in smokers deprived of smoking. A 1994 study found that black pepper oil can suppress certain smoking withdrawal symptoms, including cravings for cigarettes. Forty-eight cigarette smokers participated in a three-hour session conducted after overnight deprivation from smoking.

The participants were divided into three groups. One group of smokers puffed on a device that delivered a vapor from black pepper essential oil; a second group puffed on a device with a mint or menthol cartridge, and a third group used a device containing an empty cartridge. After puffing and inhaling from the devices throughout the session, reported cravings for cigarettes were significantly reduced in the black pepper group relative to each of the two control groups.

5Good For Digestion

Black pepper is remarkably beneficial for digestion because it stimulates the whole digestive system, from the salivary glands in the mouth to the large intestine, including promoting the secretion of digestive juices, like acids and bile, into the stomach to facilitate digestion. Black pepper can be safely used as a spice for food for people who are on a bland diet or are otherwise forbidden to have chilies. People dealing with ulcers of the mouth or digestive system, jaundice, or extreme acidity should avoid consuming chili peppers. Black pepper is a delicious and healthy alternative.

In this fast-paced modern world, it can be difficult to ensure that you take care of all aspects of your health. Unfortunately, diet is often the first thing that suffers when you are busy, stressed, or just lazy. Your digestive health is inevitably affected by this common oversight, which can lead to a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

6Relief From Arthritis Pain

These are two of the best qualities of black pepper oil. It is warming, stimulating, and improves circulation. It thereby gives immediate relief for rheumatism and arthritis.

This is particularly true during the winter when the symptoms are aggravated the most. Black pepper oil is also effective in removing toxins, like uric acid, from the blood. It benefits people dealing with chronic rheumatism, arthritis, and gout.

7Effective Appetite Stimulant

Research shows that olfactory stimulation using black pepper essential oil, which is a strong appetite stimulant, can facilitate swallowing in people with neurological disorders. Inhalation and ingestion of black pepper oil activate the insular or orbitofrontal cortex. This results in the improvement of the reflexive swallowing movement.

In 2008, the effects of olfactory stimulation with black pepper oil were investigated in pediatric patients receiving long-term enteral nutrition (feeding with liquid supplements or tube feeding) due to neurological disorders. In eight out of ten patients, black pepper oil intervention was continued for three months. Five patients showed increases in the amount of oral intake. Black pepper treatment helped facilitate swallowing movement.

Black pepper essential oil is high in monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes. These are natural chemicals known for their antioxidant activity and their ability to support the immune system when needed most. When black pepper essential oil is orally ingested, a sesquiterpene called caryophyllene helps the body support healthy cell function.

Internal use of black pepper essential oil can also promote healthy circulation. However, when used topically, it should be applied with caution due to its powerful warming sensation. Black pepper essential oil is a diverse oil that provides many physically and mentally stimulating properties important to promoting human health. In ancient Greece and Rome, black pepper was extremely popular and was even used as a medium of exchange.

First, we discussed how black pepper oil increases the frequency of urination and provides protection from free radicals. Next, we talked about eliminating excess gas, reducing cigarette cravings, and improving digestion. Then, we taught you about relieving arthritis pain and wrapped things up with how black pepper is an effective appetite stimulant.

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